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North Ayrshire Local Transport and Active Travel Strategy

North Ayrshire Council’s new Supplementary Street Development Guide (SSDG) has now been drafted and is available for stakeholder consultation. The new guide takes account of national and regional policies and guides, analysis and feedback received during the initial consultation. 

The SSDG provides guidance on street design principles and technical standards for residential areas in North Ayrshire. The guide sets out a hierarchy of use for streets with the needs of pedestrians and cyclists being prioritised. The guide aims to promote sustainable streets through design that will encourage high-quality environments. 

The SSDG provides guidance on how to create a street, construction details, construction consent procedure and adoption process, and provides clear signposting to other guidance documents including ‘Designing Streets’.

To help us to finalise and publish the guide we need your feedback on the draft. We want to understand if we have developed a guide that can assist in meeting the requirements of the Scottish Governments’ Designing Streets and the unique characteristics of North Ayrshire. 

The survey is available to complete until Sunday 11th February 2024.

If you have any questions about this, please contact David Hilditch at

Thank you for your feedback.

1. When designing streets to what extent do you use the following design guides/policy?

Designing Streets Policy for Scotland

National Roads Development Guide

North Ayrshire Council Roads Development Guide

2. Is current guidance clear enough to help you design a street?

If no, please explain why here:

3. To what extent do you agree with the SSDG methodology for developing a street?

If you disagree at all, please explain why here:

4. To what extent do you agree with the SSDG methodology for reducing speeds?

If you disagree at all, please explain why here:

5. Does the new SSDG, in conjunction with the National Roads Development Guide, provide you with sufficient detail to enable streets to be developed in North Ayrshire?

If not, what additional details do you require?

6. Do you have any comments on the following Appendices?

Appendix A: Development Assessment Form

Appendix B: Consenting and Adopting

Appendix C: Variations from the NRDG

Appendix D: Speed Reduction Measures

Appendix E: Street Lighting Requirements

Appendix F: Standard Construction Details

Appendix G: Construction Standards and Materials

Appendix H: Drainage and SuDS

Appendix I: Parking Standards

7. Do you think there is any information missing from the SSDG and not contained in the National Roads Development Guide?

8. Do you have any further comments (please specify)?

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10. Contact email:

11. Company/Organisation:

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